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 When an 18 year old boy tried to commit suicide by jumping in front of my car, my insurance company paid for the physician to help my body heal and the psychologist to help with my mind.  But I was still falling apart.  I needed something else, someone else to help me get my balance back.  There was only one person to call – Jodi Hutchinson.  With her hands, her voice and her own spirit, using techniques learned from years of study in the Far East, Jodi healed me, spiritually.  She unlocked my own power for physical and mental health.  She gave me the tools to get balanced and permission to be healthy and happy.  Jodi gave me back myself, my joy, my life;  it’s a gift I cannot repay. 

Jodi leads with her experiences which embrace both conventional western medicine and Eastern philosophies. Working as a Physician Assistant took her to China and eventually led her to India.  

EAT - PRAY - LOVE ... live!  She brings expert knowledge along with unexplainable healing.  My mind was clearer and my body renewed.  

Finally, a person with balance from both worlds who led my mind, body, and spirit to the place of contentment. If you are experiencing body pain or generally stressed out...go see JODI...you will be amazed by her healing insights.    

Brenda D.,  Wilmington, DE
PatJune 2011
I have had the great honor and pleasure of knowing Jodi on a personal and professional level for the past 20 years. I have personally witnessed her growth as an energy and balancing healer. She is a naturally gifted healer who refined her raw talents through rigorous studies and personal healing journeys.  She has successfully helped me clear old cellular energetic patterns that were limiting my personal growth. I highly recommend her services to my friends and clients.
Martha Ireland PhD, RN, CS, CEDS         April  2012

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