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Jodi Hutchinson P.A.
Jodi Hutchinson is approaching her third decade in the art of healing.  She earned her graduate degree in Physician Assistant with honors.  As a physician assistant she enjoyed 18 years working on the cardiac surgery team in Wilmington, Delaware under the direction of Dr. Gerald Lemole.  World travels began professionally in 1990 when Jodi accompanied the heart team to China.  This exposure to the eastern way served as a catalyst for Jodi to further her studies of ancient healing traditions, Reiki, Meditation, Integrative Medicine, Ayurveda, and Energy Medicine. 

In 2001, Jodi made the spirited decision to leave her career to walk across the stages of the world, living one day at a time.  Jodi rejoined Dr. Lemole in 2006 to start the Center for Integrative Health within the Christiana Care Health system.  She coached and educated clients as they undertook various lifestyle modification changes that included healthier food choices, stress management, and exercise.   

Currently, Jodi is known for her mind-body healing techniques, guiding clients into deeper states of relaxation to facilitate the release of reactive patterns that are no longer serving them.  She continues to be involved in holistic health promotion, coaching, lecturing, and maintains a private practice.
6 am tea time.  Jodi enjoying the tallest waterfall in India.  Unknowingly, during the night, she had contracted a deadly form of Malaria.  Life would forever be changed...
Jodi Hutchinson
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Jodi Hutchinson
Refined Healing
Jodi Hutchinson