Jodi Hutchinson
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      “In mind-body healing approaches, the most important factor for restoring balance and allowing the healing 
       to unfold is the ability to attain a state of deep relaxation.”     Deepak Chopra M.D.
Intuitive Health Consultant, Jodi Hutchinson blends a comprehensive healing program of natural therapies and mind-body healing techniques with your current standard medical treatment.

Every thought and word spoken comes from the most subtle level of emotion.  When the deepest level of emotion is damaged, from physical or emotional stressors (disease, divorce, trauma, workload, general mounting responsibilities), distorted patterns of functioning form and are held in the body as cellular memory.

Jodi Hutchinson P.A., is a highly intuitive practitioner whose style of  Energy Medicine is tailored to deconstruct disruptive cycles that are rooted in the deepest cellular levels of your physiology.  Using a variety of refined energy techniques that she has studied around the world, Jodi will guide you into deeper states of relaxation. You will release old reactive patterns and create new healthier patterns that will support your health, lifestyle transformation, and even your golf game.

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Refined Healing
Jodi Hutchinson
Patterns held in your tissues perpetuate physical reactions that may include:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 
GI-tract problems, Fatigue, Anxiety
Inability to Focus, Sleeping Difficulties 
Weight Gain, Emotional Eating
Headaches, Chronic Pain 
Infertility Issues

What is Energy Medicine?

Safest, and most accessible medicine there is.

Techniques that allow you to participate more fully in your own healing.

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